11-H-6 (Saras West)

The most substantial A-Group cemetery [11-H-6] in the region was located at at Saras West. This was briefly discussed in the preliminary report on the 1964-1965 season (Mills and Nordstrom 1966: 7-10). Containing at least 47 graves of pits, more than half of which appeared to be largely undisturbed, these contained an interesting range of artefacts including many Egyptian imports, of types well-known from the Second Cataract region, and further north. One illustration of the material found in Grave 16, which included a cylinder seal, was included in that report.

11-H-6 grave 16 finds (after Mills and Nordstrom 1966: fig.3)

A range of imported Egyptian pottery and red-polished and red-polished black-topped (RP-BT) wares, some with ripple burnishing, from Grave 16. This included a cylinder seal as well as grindstones and palettes, and a chert blade (original illustration prepared by A J Mills in 1965). Some record photographs of these, from the ASSN archive, are posted below.

Imported Egyptian jars and red-polished bowls from Grave 16 (scale c.15cm)
Pottery from Grave 16, including ripple-burnished bowls (scale c.15cm)
Grindstones, palettes, incense burner (?) and chert blade from Grave 16 (scale c.10cm).
Rare ivory cylinder seal, and impression of the full design, from grave 16

Several examples of well-known ‘A-Group’ red-painted vessels were found in other graves (see below) in this cemetery

Imported Egyptian jar, red-painted ‘finewares’ and other finds from Grave 11.
Red-painted dishes and ripple-burnished RP-BT vessel from Grave 22