16-U-38 – Melik en Nasr West

A ‘Kerma’ settlement of at least two two-roomed brick structures with more irregular stone and brick structures added. Only the foundation course of brick walls survived (bricks measured 27cm x 18cm x 8cm). This lay c.150m from the river on the west bank, in an area with very limited occuaption in more recent centuries, probably due to its exposure to blown sand. This was largely buried in sand before excavation. The pottery find were mainly of coarse domestic types and no ‘beaker ware’ or imported wheelmade pottery was found. The site was examined by A.J. Mills in October 1968.

‘Kerma’ settlement with two rectangular, two-roomed structure, and more irregular stone and brick structure on east side (October 1968).
16-U-38, annex of stone and brick on east side of brick structure, looking south (October 1968)