16-U-30 Melik en Nasr West

This settlement site lay c.500m to northeast of the oval hill on the west bank facing Melik en Nasr village, and c.150m from the river bank; facing the upstream (west end) of Turmukki island. It was located on a gently sloping plateau of sand-covered rocks with a surface scatter of stone flakes and a small quantity of sherds, covering an area of c.100m-150m; lying c.20-21.8m above river level (in April 1968).

View over area of 16-U-30 (and test trenches), from north, towards Melik en Nasr. Medieval tower house (16-U-1) on Turmukki island visible on left.

Two test trenches (c.125m2) were excavated in 1968 by Lars Gezelius. Finds included haematite polished wares, drab burnished and some coarser wares (H1.01A H2.01, H4.01A, H4.01B, H4.11D identified). A fragment of a quartzite palette of classic A-Group type suggests a date for this material. A very well made square knife/scraper of Egyptian flint was another noteworthy find amongst other Egyptian flint, chert and quartz lithics.

Lithics from test excavations of 16-U-30; mainly chert and Egyptian flint, with a fragment of a quartzite palette (A-Group?)