16-S-11 Ambikol East – Khor Turkoman

This was a site within an area of c.50m x 50m on the north side of the large shallow valley – the Khor Turkoman – which ran down to the river a little upstream of the Ambikol rapids. This was examined by Bengt Schönbäck in November 1967, who excavated a small test area c.15m x 5m which showed that the site consisted only of deflated surface remains.

General area of 16-S-11 on rock strewn alluvial slope (around standing figure), from east (hills in distance are on west bank). Stone alignments visible in foreground probably represent military tracks/roads laid out in the 19th century, during the Mahdiyya when there were several military post near the Ambikol rapids.

The pottery was identifed as ‘Khartoum Neolithic’ (=’Khartoum Variant’) with impressed decoration, and sample included some rim sherds (this was identified as Fabric 1, Ware K.1). A sample of lithics was also collected. This material included chert, quatzite and some Egyptian flint and much local quartz, as well as some sandstone grinders.

Pottery sample from 16-S-11 (Ware K1), with impressed decoration.
Lithic sample from 16-S-11 (scale 10cm)