Akasha – Ukma

On the west bank of the Akasha-Ukma area a number of enclosed medieval settlements, some monastic (see Edwards 2019; van Gerven Oei and Łajtar 2019). This area seems likely to have been the location of the ‘Upper Maqs’, the site of a ‘customs post’, recorded in medieval sources, which controlled passage southwards. The location can be identified most specifically by the mention of nearby hot springs, clearly those known in more recent times as Hammam Akasha.

21-N-11 Ukma monastery

Enclosed medieval settlement, almost certainly a monastery [21-N-11], after excavation by J. E. Knudstad in 1969; looking south (photo ASSN F/615:6).

21-N-45 from NE

An unusual (official?) medieval building in Akasha West [21-N-45], after excavation.