Melik en Nasir (Mek en Nasr)

The area of Melik en Nasir in the southern part of the Batn al-Hajar was thinly populated; the west bank being exposed to blown desert sands. This included the large islands of Turmukki and Tangur.

Nerri from 16-V-23View south (here the river runs near west-east)  towards the hamlet of Nerri, from [16-V-23], an area of (late?) medieval settlement, on the opposite bank.

F525009 Tanjur 15-Y-7 Nov1968View upstream of Tangur island towards area of rapids – an area with several groups of Pharoanic (New Kingdom) inscriptions/graffiti. There were many (late?) medieval stone buildings on Tangur island; one small structure (part of site [15-Y-7]) is visible on rocks in centre.