11-Q-36 Saras East

This was a large (plundered) cemetery c.600m from the river near the village of Maasho, on the edge of the Saras plain. Two areas were tested and 24 graves excavated in November 1965, providing an estimated 25% sample of the whole site which may have held c.320 graves, some identified as ‘C-Group’ and the majority as ‘Kerma’, including some typical Classic Kerma burials with bed burials. A preliminary note on the site was published in Kush (Mills 1973: 203-205). Some of the groups of more complete pots and some other finds recovered from different graves are illustrated below.

An unusual handled vessel with a (broken) spout, of a type occasionally found in Kerma burials

Traces of ostrich-feather fans were found in several graves, mainly of children.
Little wood survived but a few elements of beds, such as this bed leg (11-Q-36/10/8), were recovered (= SNM.22905)