The island of Ambikol contained much evidence for medieval settlement, with some Meroitic and post-Meroitic (‘X-Group’) occupation. From the third and second millennia BCE there were also several C-Group/Kerma sites, as well as rock drawing sites, on both the west and east banks. Just upriver was the small rocky island of Sunnarti, the site of small medieval fortification, with a church. On the right (here south) bank of the river, there were several late prehistoric sites near the mouth of the large Khor Ambikol; it is possible that some further sites may survive on unflooded higher ground in this area.

Ambikol 16-R-10 F407 004View looking north towards abandoned village of Ambikol (January 1968). Excavated early medieval structure [16-R-10] in foreground.

Ambikol E 16-R-4 F393 004View downriver from east bank opposite Ambikol island (1968). Excavated ‘C-Group’ graves [16-R-22] on alluvial bank in centre.

16-W-4 Angsi Sunnarti F432_6

View NE towards island of Sunnarti from just above a medieval cemetery [16-W-4], east of the modern cemetery of the hamlet of Anksi (Angsi). Fortified settlement [16-W-1] visible on island in distance.

View downstream with sites close to mouth of Khor Ambikol