11-Q-52 Saras East

The ‘Saras Plain’ contained several ‘C-Group’ and ‘Kerma’ sites, including some of the rare settlements with surviving mudbrick architecture, if heavily eroded. This mudbrick structure was located on a rocky ridge in the centre of the plain, c.350m from the river bank. The core structure contained two main room units and in most areas survived only 1 brick high (bricks measuring 30 x 15 x 10cm), with only one small area of laid mud floor surviving. Pottery from the site was largely RP-BT Kerma bowls and larger coarseware vessels, along with a few sherds of Egyptian Qena ware and other red wares.

Plan of Kerma structure, Saras East (11-Q-52) – inked drawing in ASSN archive – by A.J.Mills
View over mudbrick Kerma structure 11-Q-52 – looking towards south (October 1965)