The Archaeological Survey of Sudanese Nubia (ASSN) 1963-1969

The Archaeological Survey of Sudanese Nubia (ASSN) 1963-1969 represented one of most intensive archaeological salvage programmes of the 20th century. Focused on some 130km of the Nile valley in northern Sudan (this became the southern end of the Lake Nasser/Nubia reservoir created by the Aswan High Dam), it concluded a series of archaeological surveys initiated by George A. Reisner in 1907-11.

This site is concerned with the ongoing publication of the very extensive archives relating to the ASSN fieldwork carried out between 1963 and 1969. The ASSN  archive represents a unique record, as well as an opportunity to investigate a now-lost landscape, in potentially many varied ways. Posts on this site will introduce just a few of the archaeological sites of this region and records relating to them, especially the many 1000s of photographs which preserve a remarkable record of this region, its landscape and heritage.


Some of the ASSN staff and field crew, 1965. (photo ASSN F299:4)